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Kathy Rand
Posted on the 2023-09-30 at 20:00
From our classmates who couldn’t attend October 1, 2023, reunion

David Goldberg I am distraught that I have to not come to the reunion tomorrow!  My life-mate Elisabeth got covid earlier this week, and she is having a rough ride.  So, I have been exposed, and she needs some assistance.  I have no symptoms yet, so I might beat it, but it wouldn't be right to expose the class of '61 to it, masks or not.  Aside from that, I might get hit at exactly the wrong moment and wind up stranded in Chicago, or on the road.  So, everything tilts toward caution, and I have to choose good sense over desire.     Please communicate my distress to my remaining classmates that I can't be there.  I attended all but one of the reunions, and it was always a thrill and a joy, aside from just seeing old familiar faces and how my classmates have progressed.  It was especially rewarding to have conversations with people who I may not have had any conversation with in high school, or very little.  I think that I was more awkward than most kids at that age, and so more isolated socially, but I learned something from everyone, even if I didn't know it at the time, just by proximity and observing in some cases.  I'm grateful for that, and for everyone with whom I crossed paths.   Special thanks to you and the other folks who worked to make these reunions happen!  I hope to be able to come to the next last reunion some day! :)  

Allen Shub So sorry to have to miss our second annual Final Reunion.  Unfortunately, I have a scheduled medical test on the following day, and I have to do preparations for it on reunion day.  I am hoping for a third Final Reunion in the future.  My best to all of you.   

Karalyn Friedman Patterson Dear Kathy and other classmates, Greetings from Cambridge [no, not Cambridge Massachusetts: Cambridge England]. I hope that you will have a delightful time at this event, and I wish that I could be there.  All the best.    

Steve Shuchter Have a great day!  To our classmates:  Be healthy and happy!!!!  

Marjorie Perlman Petersen.   Hi everyone. I hope to just stop by briefly.  I am immune compromised and have to be really careful.  I’m getting ready for my birthday this coming week.  A milestone.  I’m curious.  How many graduates were in our class.  If I can’t come, please have a wonderful lunch. I will think of all of you. I wish all of you lots of love, wealth, good health and many more years to enjoy it.    

Michael Ehlers  Hello.   Very sorry to miss the (hope it's NOT) final reunion, but I wish attendees all the best.  I recently discovered that someone I'm friendly with here in Boulder also graduated from SSHS, albeit a few years after us.  Interesting sharing of memories.  Should any of Sunday's classmates know what became of John Potamites, I'd like to find out.  Cheers.     

Steve Rittenberg   Hi All.  I would have loved to join all of you for at least one of the reunions, but my job had me out at sea every year until I retired 2 years ago. I'm still in pretty good health for an 80-year-old. I am living on the coast of Oregon near the mouth of the Columbia River with my wife of 44 years. I wish you all the best at this time in our lives and I'll be thinking of you all on the 1st. Best Regards.  

Nancy Cowall Cutler  So sorry I can’t be there. Sending my best to all that can attend. Have fun!

Phyllis Manewith Fogel Good evening classmates.  Sorry I can’t join in the reunion fun, but I have a conflict that I can’t change. Wishing everyone good health and happiness in the coming year.  "Love is not what you Say. Love is what you Do." -Author Unknown-  

Bruce Rashkow It’s been a good number of years   Good luck and best wishes to our classmates.  Hope those who attend enjoy seeing others also attending.     

Joan Karlln Dorman Hi to all!  My husband is recovering from a total hip replacement and is not up to the trip from Indiana!  We send our regards to all of you!  

Don Coustan  Dear Classmates: I am sorry that Terri and I aren't able to attend this final reunion.   Best of luck to all of you.  We are fine, relatively healthy, and enjoying life!

Ray Quisenberry To my SSHS Class of June 1961 classmates. I am sorry to miss getting together with you this Sunday at Max and Benny's. I will be in Chicago Oct. 10 - 15, attending my "other" SSHS Class (1962) at Max & Benny's Sunday Oct. 15. If you live in the Chicago area and would like to get together with me, let me know. Also Open House Chicago 2023 is the weekend of Oct. 14 & 15: Sites · Open House Chicago  

Jay Zite I'm not going to make it Sunday. Over the passed few weeks several of my friends have contracted Covid-19.  Because of this both my medical teams and family are concerned about being in crowd places. While I'm finished with treatments and all is good I have to watch what I do.  Hope all goes well on Sunday.   

Les Tepper Hi Kathy and classmates. Sorry I won't be able to make it to the reunion but I moved to Phoenix in April of this year it's a long ride back to Chicago. If you have a reunion or get together out here let me know.  Thanks and be well.  

Marty Bloom Marty Bloom and wife, Adrienne, are doing well in Walnut Creek, (San Francisco Bay Area) California.  We wish we could be with you to celebrate the final reunion for our class.    LOVE TO YOU ALL!  Stay safe and well.
Karen Johnson Piggott
Posted on the 2018-08-18 at 20:00
Heartfelt thanks to our fabulous reunion committee for making our “75th Birthday Party” such a huge success.  Your hard work and commitment over all the past years is deeply appreciated.  The reunion was such fun reconnecting with classmates and seeing good friends I hadn’t seen in years.  The venues chosen were a perfect sampling of what Chicago has to offer and were very accessible to the hotels. It was sobering to read how many of our classmates are gone, including my husband Bill Piggott. Let’s all make an effort to stay in touch, even in small groups. For those living in the Phoenix area, I’ll be in touch to see if we can get together before the snow birds leave next spring. Until then, everyone stay well and thanks for a wonderful time. 
Larry Levin
Posted on the 2018-08-11 at 20:00
Nancy and I had a great time at our 75th birthday reunion. It was wonderful catching up on many years of experiences, talking about fond memories, remembering those who are no longer with us and so much more. A huge thank you to the entire committee who did such a great job of putting everything together!
Susie Dickman
Posted on the 2018-08-09 at 20:00
I am so glad that this reunion is happening.  I am looking forward to renewing friendships and catching up.   How in the world did we get here so fast? I'm sure that as we "turn" 75, we cherish those we have loved and the ones we love now.  75 is a "heads up" to take and give as much hppiness as we can and be grateful. I wish all a gentle turning.... With love, Susie Merlander Dickman
Dennis Black
Posted on the 2018-07-10 at 20:00
Looking forward to a lovely, leisurely weekend in the city.  Time to reconnect, share what wisdom we may have accrued, have some laughs, maybe even a nostalgic tear or two for those who can't join us.  It's not too late to say yes.
Suzanne Cohan-Lange
Posted on the 2018-07-08 at 20:00
Can’t wait to shmooze, party, drink, eat  & tell tall  tales with our ( pretty remarkable) classmates. We may be getting older, but under the gray, we are still the same goofy kids! Be there! 
Kathy Rand
Posted on the 2017-07-28 at 20:00
Hi classmates!  The reunion committee is plannng a big weekend of activities for August 10-12, 2018.  Hope you will be able to join us. If you are not on our email list, please let me know via  
Neal Gadlin
Posted on the 2014-03-25 at 20:00
Not a classmate (Jan. '62), but a fan of your class, remembering many of you as friends.

So sad to read the too-many memorials.

Looking to your website for ideas as my class hatches plans for a newsletter and revised website.  Kudos to your web master.  Bill Saphir (also Jan. '62) suggested that I visit your site for ideas.  We will credit you for any ideas borrowed.

Warm wishes to all,

Neal Gadlin
Karen Wildrick (Rahe)
Posted on the 2011-08-13 at 20:00
I was very sorry to miss the renion but lucky some who attended have shared their pictures.  Whoever put this site together did a fabulous job!  Hope to connect with some more friends from South Shore!
Posted on the 2011-08-06 at 20:00
Sorry I could not make the reunion, my car was low on gas.
Carla Lipson Kelson
Posted on the 2011-07-27 at 20:00
Sorry I can\'t be with you all. Have a great time and laugh a whole lot. Fondest regards.Carla
Elaine (Ablin) Gerstel
Posted on the 2011-05-27 at 20:00
Looking forward to the reunion and renewing old friendships.Elaine Gerstel (Ablin) 
Fern Schultz Smolen
Posted on the 2011-01-03 at 19:00
Looking forward to seeing all of my old classmates.   50 years is an unbelievable number!!
Michael C. Ehlers
Posted on the 2010-10-15 at 20:00
Previous travel commitments have made it impossible for me to attend the 50th, but good luck to all.  I hope it\'s an enjoyable weekend.  Only 290-something dieting days to go!  Regards,  Michael Ehlers
Kiya (formerly Sharon) Immergluck
Posted on the 2010-08-21 at 20:00
I\'m really looking forward to this Reunion!  Can you believe it is FIFTY years? Can you believe we all are eligible for Medicare? Oy vay!

As an aside, please check out the free teleclasses that an international group of energy practitioners (including me) is offering for anyone impacted by cancer:

I am the keynote speaker on August 24th speaking about my personal bout with breast cancer in 1994.  Please sign in & tell anyone who might benefit.

Patricia Council
Posted on the 2010-08-05 at 20:00
Someone told me that my name was on the list but with the wrong e-mail address. My address is not