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The Overflow web site
The Overflow is a great South Shore / South Chicago neighborhood web site.
The Gallery can be accessed without registering. There are “tons” of postcards of the South Shore / south side area, and of Chicago in general. I think I spent about a day and a half just going through the South Shore / South Side ones.
There are also other photos posted, grammar school class photos, etc. Our June ’57 class at Horace Mann has our “Mann Messenger” graduation issue posted, with our class photo, a list of all of the graduates, and the class “prophecies” for each of us.
There is a very active bulletin board on The Overflow (which requires signing up with a login). Folks from various decades, grammar schools and high schools exchange remembrances of the South Shore and South Chicago neighborhoods.
If you think you might be interested in The Overflow discussion boards, here are the details.
Please be aware that if you post something on the Overflow (beyond just registering or looking at the discussions), every posting with the submitter’s e-mail address is e-mailed to all members.
This is a “privacy quirk” that kind of surprises me. I don’t think that anyone abuses this – I find it convenient to use this pick up other’s e-mail addresses and communicate directly.
First create a login to Google, and then request membership in the group "overflowat79th"
The public website for the Overflow is
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